The Terminology in English

This glossary is intended to be a practical tool for conservators, educators and other scholars working with Islamic manuscripts. As it was initiated by two conservators working in English, the terms have been defined in English, and this first publication of the terminology on-line is in English. The ultimate intention is to translate the terminology into other languages as well, for example Arabic, Persian and Turkish. However, the translations themselves and the integration into the interactive web-structure are complicated processes, so the terminology is not yet available in other languages.

Terminology specifically for Islamic manuscripts

This terminology is not an attempt to collect all Islamic manuscript-related terms. It focuses on bookbinding and conservation terms related directly to original Islamic manuscripts and bindings. Therefore, bookbinding terms used to describe specific European book features are not included. In the event that an Islamic manuscript is resewn and rebound in a European binding, it is suggested that European bookbinding glossaries be consulted.

The organizational schema of the Terminology

The organizational schema of this terminology reflects a manuscript's structure and how it is made. In addition, a few categories have been added which are useful for conservators, such as condition issues.

The Manuscript

The Manuscript Codex


About the authors

The terminology is compiled by Paul Hepworth and Karin Scheper. They are responsible for the selection of terms and their subsequent definitions, the decisions regarding the structure of the terminology, and lastly, they have provided the images and drawings to illustrate the terms.
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