Other Projects

Textiles in Oriental manuscript collections

Over the past few years, several international initiatives developed, focussing on the use of fabrics in bookmaking. The Bodleian Libraries organised the Textiles in Libraries series, and Toronto University initiated The Textiles in Manuscripts Workshop, part of The Book and the Silk Roads project. Karin participated and contributed to both these projects with online presentations. The video for The Book and the Silk Roads project (2019–2021) can be viewed here.


Bahari Fellowship Bodleian Library

From December 2019-March 2020 Karin was a Visiting Fellow in Oxford, to study physical characteristics of the Persian manuscripts in the Bodleian Oriental collection. Some of the findings can be found here.

Her presentation for the Persian arts of the book conference 13-14 July 2021 can be viewed here.


Workshops Islamic manuscript making

This course is designed to give insight in the materials and techniques used to make a bound manuscript. The workshop includes instructive presentations with a wide range of examples, and hands-on work, to increase the understanding of the features and functionality. We make a book model, and models of Islamic endbands. The practical training also helps to appreciate the strength of the structure. The content of the workshop is adaptable and may include conservation issues, depending on the needs of the intended group of participants and the venue where the course is organised.

images from the workshop in the Islamic Arts Museum, Malaysia


Other activities concern book-history in general, and the materiality and conservation of western books:


Developments in Book Conservation

Karin participated in the organisation of exhibitions on developments in book conservation and the changing approach in preservation. In 2009 she innitiated one in conjunction with a symposium, "Boekrestauratie in beweging", and a publication (in Dutch) accompanied both events.


Apart from the Terminology for conservators of Islamic manuscripts and other specialists needing terminology for describing Islamic manuscripts, and the Curriculum - a collaborative project with Mandana Barkeshli and Paul Hepworth - Karin participated in COMSt: Comparative Oriental Manuscript Studies. Though the initial project is now finished, the COMSt network (based at the Hiob Ludolf Centre for Ethiopian Studies, Hamburg University) is still active. More information - and the COMSt Handbook and newsletters - can be found here.

Iron Gall Ink Treatment

Confronted with collection items in the University Library Leiden that were damaged by iron gall ink corrosion, a collaborative project with the RCE (Dutch Institute for Cultural Heritage) resulted in improved guidelines for the phytate treatment of such papers. Co-authored with Birgit Reissland and Sabine Fleischer, see: Ink corrosion Treatment and Ink corrosion: The Christiaan Huygens Case Study , 2007.